The American Film Institute
Your mother is in the afi
by moomoomoomoo im a cow October 15, 2009
Ass Fuckers Incorporated. anyone who likes this band should eat shit and die. the lead singer is some knob jockey who is super emo and is an obvious cross-dressing prostitute. usually enjoyed by pre-pubescent girls and guys who like other guys wearing makeup with long hair
shit head: "man, A.F.I. is cool"

someone with brain: "no. they suck big fat penis."

shit head: "yea you're right, im going to stop listening to them because they are the worst band in the world"
by you are sofa king we todd it November 10, 2006

One of the best bands known to mankind.
Has the sexiest lead singer in the world Davey Havok
Un-definable style of music and lyrics that if read without music can pass as poems
"If i were gay i would be proud of it" -davey havok

"no to the date? ok rape it is then"
by Nixi McDonald June 20, 2005
1) an emo/punk band from northern california.

2) a homosexual male.

3) a lump of stinky, stinky.
guy #1: you afi fan!
guy #2: (punches guy #1)


guy#1: You sure ate a lot of tacos yesterday.
guy#2: I know, I just dropped a fat afi album in the toilet.
by fuckmohammed September 09, 2010
AFI is a band. Which stands for A Fire Inside. They are a really great band. Although there music has changed throughout the years.
They are a rock band.
by Giovanna February 07, 2005
AFI: A Flatulent Implosion.
Oprah is known for her violent afi's.
by Stutterfly December 20, 2007
Pronounced Ah-fee
A girl who pops up when guys have stopped peeing in the urinal and sucks cock. She also molests horses and makes out with potatoes.
I advise you stay far far away from this girl.
*guy peeing in the urinal*
*guy finishes peeing in the urinal*
by AfiB23 January 17, 2009

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