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Stands for "As Fucking If".
Person 1: Did you hear about Jessica and Matt? They're back together.
Person 2: AFI they're together again. That's like what, the 6th time they've broken up and gotten back together again?
by a-hearts-decay January 08, 2010
one of the best bands ever in the beggining hardcore punk but fell into a decline of emo with the release of sing the sorrow discography include answer that and stay fashionable, very proud of ya, open your eyes and shut your mouth, black sails in the sunset, the art of drowning, and sing the sorrow also with many eps and vinyl the band is davey havok,jade puget hunter burgan and adam carson
AFI is one of the best punk bands
by afiskater June 14, 2005
An 80's band that teens like me and my friends absoulutely LOVE because it expresses how a teen feels with all the pressure and drugs that you posers put in front of us. It stands for "a fire inside" and is presented by 4 guys that look like super hot aliens.
Little guy: what are your favorite bands?
young lady: oh that would be alot but AFI is my favorite.
Little guy: who?
Poser: oh just a bunch of emo dudes crying bout death
young lady: really? Take this
*young lady beats the crap out of the poser*
by Katerina Stevens May 24, 2006
afi is an alt/rock band that was formed sometime in the late 1990's, back then afi had a really hardcore sound...but personally i dont like there old stufff i like there new stuff alot better afi's new music has an emo sound to it...one of my favorite afi songs is 'miss murder' and 'girls not gray'...afi has changed alot over the years and in my opiouin they have changed for the better.
afi rocks
by XxnevercominghomexX April 30, 2009
A band formed in 1991 that at one time was one of the last true hardcore punk bands in existance. Sadly, for their album <i>Sing The Sorry</i>, they decided to take on a softer, more "mature" sound. Recently turned into another MTV flavor of the month with thier single "Miss Murder."

see casualty of modern music industry
Ten years ago, AFI could have saved punk.
by VeryProudOfYa... September 16, 2006
An amazing band no matter what you wanna catagorize them as. Their sound has changed a lot since the departure of their old bassist and guitarist (who were replaced by Jade Puget and Hunter Bergan), but more noticeably since the new album "Sing The Sorrow". Many people criticize them for this, mainly because it brought forth a whole new group of posers, which hardcore fans hate.
Preppy Poser 1: d00d hav y0u hurrD STS11!!?//?
Me: Yes, have you heard any of their older albums?
Preppy Poser 1: Th3y HaV uth3r AlbuMs!/!?
by punkgtrst096 March 22, 2005
A west coast punk band who started their musical carrer kicking major skateboard kid ass with fast paced, relentless, hardcore, simple music. Over the years their sound grew slower, their lyrics more poetic and their guitars drenched in effects. They are also famous for over-using the word "whoa" and for slow motion breakdowns and homosexually toned gothic imagery.
Hey man, you like that band AFI?
Only their old shit.
I concur.
by Bob OC Sluts June 20, 2005