AFI, stands for "A Fire Inside" A band at which has devloped great music over the years and has pleased it's fans for over 10 years. People who do not like AFI, well...can keep their comments to their selves because their the ones that go off about how they listen to Good Charlotte.
Faggot: "Dude, AFI sucks!"
Me: "Have you heard, Answer That And Stay Fashionable?"
Faggot:"That's not one of their albums."
Me: -walks in house and gets the album, "Now you gonna mouth off anymore?"
by Emily Ann Kocur April 16, 2005
short for "A Freakin' Idiot", most commonly used in Instant Messaging
"Chen, ur such an afi!!!"
by Nicola_72 September 15, 2007
(A Fire Inside). Best Band Ever. If you havent heard at least one AFI song you haven't lived. Hunter is my idol.
Look what you've done to me now,
You've made me perfect.
by Scarlet Fever June 10, 2005
We are the ones with a Fire Inside.
If you don't like it, don't buy it. STS, AOD, and all the others are all classics. AFI's an accuired taste (musically)
-Dude, AFI Blows.
me: have you listened to there album?
-NO, but I heard Girl's not Grey, and they are just posers.
me: here, copy this, listen THE WHOLE thing and tell me what you think...
--next day--

- Dude, AFI Rocks!!!!
by Esrb99 April 09, 2005
One of the most incredible bands to come out of the punk scene in 1991. After a short break up to pursue college careers, the band reunited and put off plans for college for good. Today they are an incredibly successful rock band with a solid and faithful fanbase.

The current line up of AFI is
Adam Carson
Davey Havok
Hunter Burgan
Jade Puget

Many accuse AFI of selling out to the big label (Dreamworks and now Interscope) to become more successful, but few ever stop to think if the music has really changed and only asscoiate getting more money to, "sucking". The band has yet to have dramatic changes, but the fan base has most certainly changed from before.

A plethora of "scene" people or "music elitists" would accuse AFI for being a poser band and say that they "suck" and they've listened to sucky bands before. However, most of the people who have accused AFI of being a poser band haven't even listened to AFI before and only rely on the words of mainstream post STS fans.
1. A.F.I. is truly an amazing band, composed of poetic lyrics and talent.

2. Indie rocker: Ew, AFI are such a stupid band. Why not listen to bands that actually sound like music? Like, trulymadlydeeplysoulsthatring?
Normal AFI fan: I dare you to say that five times fast!

3. Music elitist: AFI are so passe, I stopped listening to them when I found Sublime and Op. Ivy. Only fourteen year old girls listen to AFI.
AFI fan: And I'm sure that plenty more listen to Sublime you bland overly opinionated starbucks coffee drinking music snarking elitist.

4. Most people who don't listen to AFI, don't bother listening to them because preppy girls listen to them, therefore making these pathetic haters, stupid. Why, you ask? Because they're basing their opinions on an artist on thirteen year old preppy girls. Instantly making these snide haters, tools because, really, who the frick gives a flying @!&#!* about what a preteen prep has to say?
by Elynor March 04, 2006
Used to be one of the greatest bands in the world when they made some sweet ass punk rock music, until they sold out that is. I must say check out all there cd's up to sing the sorrow (which was the beginning of the end for AFI)
MTV: we want you to make a song for 15 year old girls and TRL.
Davey: But AFI is in it for the music, not the money. Haven't u listened to Very Proud of Ya, Answer that and STay Fashionable, and our other cds?
MTV: But we will give u millions of dollars to make this album called decemberunderground.
Davey: Count us in! Money is more important than our loyal fanbase!!
by bewarebigd August 08, 2007
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