Acronym for "American Film Institute"
Quotes from The Godfather and Scarface are on AFI's top 100 movie quotes.
by Adriana Rosen October 09, 2005
AFI is a band formed in 1991 and has changed members a couple of times. As of now, 2008, the only two members of the band that were originally in it are Davey Havok and Adam Carson. But now the band consists of Davey Havok (vocals), Jade Puget (guitar and some vocals), Adam Carson (drums), and Hunter Burgan (bass).
Alot of people say that they are emo or goth, but they really aren't classified in a category. They've evolved a bit since first coming out. They started as hardcore punk and through the years, simmered down a little bit with more of a melodic sound but never losing their originality.
Most people that have heard of AFI no earlier than 2006 or 2007 tend to no almost nothing about the band, and if you ask them what their favorite song is, they will likely say Miss Murder or Love Like Winter, even those two were off of the real fans least favorite album (yet still amazing), DECEMBERUNDERGROUND and those people that say that have probably never even listened to any of AFI's other CDs like Black Sails In The Sunset, The Art of Drowning, or Sing The Sorrow.

AFI is amazing.
Smart person: Hey you're wearing an AFI shirt. I love them. What's your favorite song and album?
Dim Wit Poser-Ass Loser Prep: oh they're like one of my faaaavorite bands. I just LOVE the song Miss Murder.
Smart Person: Oh haha. That's one of my least favorite songs from them. They have so many other better ones.Miss Murder just sounds too... normal I guess.
Dim Wit Poser-Ass Loser Prep: oh... well I like the chorus... you know?? when Jade sings, "hey Miss Murder can i? Make you and stay if I take my life? Woah oh oh."
Smart Person: Those aren't evern the lyrics. WOW you suck. Anyways... What's your favorite album from AFI?
Dim Wit Poser-Ass Loser Prep: um... I like Decemberunderground.
Smart Person: next favorite???
Dim Wit Poser-Ass Loser Prep: oh my god it's just so hard to choose...
Smart Person: haha you can't even name another album, go die bitch.
by MaisieMorningstar September 07, 2008
Kickass rock group. They've released many cds, which are all awesome. Their most recent CD is "Sing the Sorrow."

by krispie January 02, 2005
Are NOT an emo band. They used to have good music, but now their music is kind of watered down :( And Jade had his cool hair before 'emo hair' even existed. Listen to their early albums!
"AFI is not emo, you moron."
by *~Blacksunbeam~* January 09, 2010
AFI is still really good...but its just so weird how they got such a fake fanbase in the last year
13 year old girls like AFI, what the fuck
whatever, still gotta remember all the other albums their new fans never heard of
by MattVVVVnj September 24, 2006
absolutely the BEST FUCKING BAND EVER!!.davey havok the ultimate singer..his voice is soo unique snd jade puget very talented wif his guitar can play the softest and soothing melodies but can also play very powerful and emotional.hunter fantastic base player he forms the background of the song makin it worthwhile 2 listen 2.and adam carson drummer not much 2 say bout him but he iz AWSOME!! becuz hes in afi :D
AFI is the best band ever!!
by bob January 06, 2005
all for it
'hey do you wanna go up to the shops'
'absolutely, I'm afi'
by lifeologist February 24, 2015

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