I heard that is stands for A Crowd Of Ruthless Niggers
when u see a crowd of black people hanging out and you get the feeling that they will attack you verbally or physically....."Watch out! A.C.O.R.N." Usuallly used as a warning to stay away.
#ruthless #mean #gangbangers #crowd #alone
by a;sldlfrh January 29, 2010
Top Definition
verb: the political act of altering a video and/or employing actors to create video footage that can then be altered to destroy a rival organization or person.

(Background: The tactics were used against Acorn, Shirley Sherrod and most recently, Planned Parenthood.)
Those House Republicans sure didn't waste any time after Planned Parenthood was acorned.

I loved how Jon Stewart acorned Glen Beck last night.
#sabotage #subvert #undermine #antonyms- promote #boost #advance
by Boogertee February 27, 2011
acorn is a nut that fat squirrels eat off of oak trees
person:look that squirrel is eating an acorn
other person: no shit
#squirrell #akon #acorns #acornz #food
by cascadineddy August 16, 2007
a gentlemans flacid circumsized cock
i think squirrel nutkin has be hoarding in your underpants for the winter
by grem November 03, 2003
Another word for crazy, aka nuts.
Person 1: I love swimming in ground beef.
Person 2: You're acorns!
#acorns #nuts #crazy #mad #insane
by NOT a girl January 02, 2008
An attractive teenage girl who is a few years younger than you -- too young to date, hook up with, or even flirt with, unless you have no shame.
"Damn! What are we doin' in here? All ages clubs suck. Nothing but a buncha acorns and slimeball old guys in here."
#teenager #girl #highschooler #teen #teenage girl
by ATowny January 17, 2008
A superior computer company from the early nineties which unfortunately went out of business. Their graphical abilities were far greater than any other computer of the time.
If acorn still made computers, they would own all others.
#os #computer #computer company #nineties #superior
by Oil Slick October 06, 2005
What Peter Andre keeps in his trousers
Peter Andre: Jordan, do you want some of this?
Jordan: No thanks, it's an acorn
by Kieuseru February 09, 2004
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