A superior computer company from the early nineties which unfortunately went out of business. Their graphical abilities were far greater than any other computer of the time.
If acorn still made computers, they would own all others.
by Oil Slick October 06, 2005
What Peter Andre keeps in his trousers
Peter Andre: Jordan, do you want some of this?
Jordan: No thanks, it's an acorn
by Kieuseru February 09, 2004
You know how Lexi thinks acorns doesn't equal coffee? She's wrong. I just proved it.
by BradyIsGreatness January 23, 2012
the head of zack ziobro.
shut up zack, friggen acorn.
by jewbag May 07, 2005
crappy early nineties computers sold to schools with illiterate idiots in them.
A 1993 acorn,
by Gumba Gumba May 30, 2004
the hard poop that comes out of your rectum that usually causes immense bleeding and could cause loss of sphincter control and vision
Mitch- " dude, Logan, are you alright in there?"

by wobbafett August 08, 2009
ACronym ORieNted.

A term used to describe entities that rely heavily on acronyms.
The US Military is ACORN.
by Klotz January 19, 2004

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