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Lobbyist and/or rabble rouser for more government spending, more entitlements, and more preferential treatment (quotas) for certain privileged minorities. They also advocate class envy and income redistribution. Don't believe any community organizer who says he wants Hope and Change. They Hope to take YOUR Change and the rest of your money. What they want is even more of the same big-taxing big-spending government.
He's a community organizer. His job is whining, protesting, and lobbying for more government spending, much of which goes into his own pockets. His principal tool is calling everyone who disagrees with him a racist. he has a great future in politics because of all the stupid people who will vote for whoever promises to give them the most stuff.
by community organizer myass September 11, 2008
A fake job generally used to fill resumes that would normally be empty
Before he was a senator, he was a community organizer.
by Liquid Death September 12, 2008
Someone who organizes communities. In some communities, everything is disorganized and disheveled. So a community organizer comes in and organizes things, putting community socks in the community drawer, filing bills and invoices in hanging folders, making sure the laundry is folded, and many other difficult things.

Considered by some to be a qualification for president of the United States of America.
At an early age, Joe decided he wanted to be a CEO and then Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military. Instead of going to West Point or Harvard Business School, he became a community organizer and moved to a large city and organized its communities.
by Anaconda 12 September 06, 2008
noun. (synonyms: Community Activist, Community Agitator, Rabble Rouser, Opportunist, Predator, Jihadist, College Student, Liberal, Bum) Individual who intentionally takes advantage of and stirs up sentiment among certain urban populations with the express intent of achieving a specific radical agenda that frequently produces either power, fame and/or wealth for the individual. Incredibly, in recent times, a Community Organizer actually became President of the new People's Republic of Amerika.
"Hey Ahmed, I just heard that the American infidels voted-in a Community Organizer as President!"

"Salaam alaikum, you mean those suckers actually voted for our Muslim brother, Barack Hussein Obama???"
by WYNDBRAKER November 06, 2008
Someone of African American decent.
This place is full of Community Organizers.


This community looks highly organized.
by Maliciouso1 September 19, 2008
A person who helps poor people obtain their basic human rights that are constantly surpressed ny the ruling elite who own wall street and washington. A community organizer follows in the footsteps of jesus christ and ghandi and helping the poor and disenfranched. They also fight against the racism that permeates our society. Our great president Obama was a community organizer for which we can all be proud.
Barack obama was a community organizer
by kevmcd December 04, 2013
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