crappy early nineties computers sold to schools with illiterate idiots in them.
A 1993 acorn,
by Gumba Gumba May 30, 2004
a gentlemans flacid circumsized cock
i think squirrel nutkin has be hoarding in your underpants for the winter
by grem November 03, 2003
ACronym ORieNted.

A term used to describe entities that rely heavily on acronyms.
The US Military is ACORN.
by Klotz January 19, 2004
cool guy that is into hip hop but not gangster. is vane dresses skinny jeans likes expensive slick shoes.
The cool kids are acorn
by retard33 August 06, 2009
The most annoying person ever; Jamie's lover
Omg! Its Acorn. Hes Jamie's annoying lover!
by MCR5 October 03, 2008
A FBI agent or snitch of LUE that goes around making people cry!
Arcon as got jimmy's dad in trouble.
by fafdfdafdsfds December 11, 2003
1. As in 'Acorn Academy' - the name of my school.

2. The name of my school which I wish to change. (I'm homeschooled, so I can sorta do that..)
Acorn Academy is a weird name for a school. I want to change it.
by invisible February 11, 2004

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