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male genitalia
I filled her to the brim with my pump action yoghurt rifle.
by grem November 03, 2003
a gentlemans flacid circumsized cock
i think squirrel nutkin has be hoarding in your underpants for the winter
by grem November 03, 2003
A name synonimous with the turgid penis
I rendered her disabled with my purple headed womb beater
by grem November 03, 2003
shagging a bird or bloke up the arse and ending up with a piece of sweetcorn under the foreskin. (nb see gibo).
Bird : "fucking hell you have a cheesy knob jolly green giant."
Gibo : "no it's sweetcorn ally from last night, how's your arse after last night?"
by grem November 03, 2003
A funny member off the RvB Forum Family. He also has the best english accent.
So, what do you like in a lady? ~ doubleb
My penis ~ Jarf
by Grem July 06, 2004

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