Always be pimpin'.
Yeah, but I made him go home in the morning. ABP.
by ATLien404 November 09, 2011
Top Definition
Already Been Posted. It means y7ou should fucking search before posting things.
Noob poster: D00d! Starwars kid!
Veteran poster: ABP dumbass.
NP: Fuck you!
by antidumb April 13, 2006
Adblock Plus, an extension for FireFox that prevents ads from ever being displayed.
Until Google Chrome gets ABP, speed doesn't matter
by Douglas Young September 03, 2008
A medical condition that affect the anus after consuming food. Acid Butt Piss. The poo is so runny it burns.
Del Taco gave me ABP all night long.
by pattycakes January 14, 2005
"All bills paid". Commonly used in housing classifieds.
The rent is 400$ a month ABP.
by Dallion M. August 04, 2007
Academy Blues Project
I hear that the ABP is playing at Dan Syed Stadium..........wanna go?
by imnotroger October 02, 2008
Acronym for the international restaurant chain, Au Bon Pain, or any items from Au Bon Pain
Gonna grab a croissant and coffee at ABP and head off to this meeting
That ABP I had today was the itis
by cheshiregrrrl March 17, 2010
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