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A medical condition that affect the anus after consuming food. Acid Butt Piss. The poo is so runny it burns.
Del Taco gave me ABP all night long.
by pattycakes January 14, 2005
A term for the lymph nodes on the sides of your neck.
Patrick, "Hey Kevin, my lymph nodes have been swollen from the flu I caught. You can feel them, check it out"

Kevin, "Chill out man, stop messing with your Gunthers, you'll only inflame them worse.
by PattyCakes June 10, 2013
A person who does not have a specific role at the office place, therefore does odd jobs, i.e: Filing, soda runs, faxing, making phone calls, etc.

Very mindless tasks.

Works for little (or no) pay.
Angela V. hates being the monkeygirl but that's just the way it has to be.
by pattycakes January 14, 2005
a VERY large person (male or female, young or old).
After eating at the 24 hour buffet, Sally realised that she is indeed a true pork butt.
by pattycakes July 11, 2005
See ABP. BABP is bloody acid butt piss. The condition is much worse.
Please excuse Kenny from school today. He was sick last night with BABP. Thanks.
by pattycakes January 14, 2005

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