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Located in beautiful Hackensack, NJ, BCA is home of Dan Syed Stadium and the former home of the Academy Blues Project, a force for the powers of good against evil in the universe. Oh, did I mention that BCA is also a school?
Pardon me, can you direct me to the ABP concert at Dan Syed Stadium? They are playing the tailgate party before the BCA football game.
by imnotroger September 03, 2008
Home of Dan Syed Stadium, and the former home of the Academy Blues Project.
I yam going to BCA. Can you point me to Dan Syed Stadium? I have tickets to see the Academy Blues Project!
by imnotroger August 29, 2008
Academy Blues Project
I hear that the ABP is playing at Dan Syed Stadium..........wanna go?
by imnotroger October 02, 2008

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