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straight up fierce, too cool, hip, out of sight, swaggertastic,
mannn, that girl was so guttah with her model walk.
by December 11, 2008
Someone who derives from the 'guttah' is quite literally skint and is under the influence of alcoholic substances or rather illegal potent drugs such as ganja. Once in the guttah you must alert everyone around you that you are in it. The phrase goes: Excuse me mate...I'm skint...bleedinnnnnnnn' skint...and...and...I'm from da GUTTTTTTAAHHHHH...the bleedinnnn' GUTTTAHHH.
Tony: yooooo Tom did you see Mariana last night, she was straight outta da GUTTTTTAAAAHHHH

Tom: yeahhh man and she was pretty bleedin' skint to!


James: I'm deeeeepperrr than da bleedinnn' guttah, below da gutttahhh!

Jeremy: and your bleeedddin skint too!
by MaxGUTTAH December 11, 2011
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