Assrapers anonymous. A society of ex-cons who like to rape other ex-cons fresh out of the joint. Sort of a welcome back to the world.
"You just get out?"
"Turn around"
Ok.....OH SHIT!!!!"
"Welcome to AA! My name is Joe."
by Joe, the prez of AA March 06, 2005
an abbreviation in the popular MMORPG Everquest, meaning Advanced Abilities.
Ding, I just got another AA brotha!!
by Jimmy Stewart January 13, 2005
1. Alcoholic's Anonymous. You should know what it sounds like.
2. On numerous BEMANI games, a near-perfect score. However, on DDRExtreme US, to get it you have to full combo a song AND get a lot of Perfects. This is highly regarded as unpopular since in th original Japanese DDRExtreme you could get a AA with just 90% Perfects.
3. New sequel to a popular BeatMania IIDX and DDR song, A. Done by D.J. Amuro, it is of the Renaissance genre like it's predecessor, and contains lots of synthesized violins and piano. Doesn't change tempo, unlike A.
1. "The other day I was so desperate for a beer I ate the dirt under the bleachers."

2. "I would've gotten a AA but I got a Good on ONE step. Stupid US n00bs.

3. "Seeing as AA just came out on BeatMania IIDX Red (11th Style), numerous StepMania players will be making DDR versions of it. Alright."
by ONI-UNIT November 02, 2004
armpit hair and acne
ewww.... bearders got AA
by bon_jovi March 21, 2007
A place where drunks go when they unfortunately ran out of alcohol for one brief moment and had a clear, rational thought go through their Budweiser soaked brain questioning their alcohol consumption.
Hey Tyrone, you keep hittin that bottle of malt liquor and your black ass will be back in AA right quick.
by no dice June 07, 2005
1) Amature Alcoholics, or those who don't know when they've had enough of any variety of fermented beverages brewed or distilled to induce intoxication in the user, and resulting in attracting the attentions of the constabulary and being brought into the legal system for reprimand as a consequence of the irresponsible transgression against society's accepted regulations as prescribed by their laws dealing with such matters.
Damn, the judge gimme 40 hours of AA meetings.
by cunninglinguist April 25, 2005
Attracting Attention AA
You see someone walking the street in lime green dress and hot pink stillettos, you'll say, "Look at her. She's so A A"
by Nicholas Ethan Lim April 17, 2008

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