Aka- Dubz and doobl A
An abreviation of double ass. When someone where such brown or dark makeup around eyes that you cannot tell if its eyes or assholes.
Her makeup is terrible. Its brown around her eyes and it looks like AA.
by robbie January 31, 2005
A African American or someone who looks black.
All these lazy A.A.'s are breathing the white mans air!
by Matthew T. Kane June 19, 2006
Alcoholics Anonymous; an organization for pussies, ran by pussies.
Only blubbering pussies go to AA.
by Max Biaggi March 09, 2005
A place where people drink under assumed names
Man: My name is Les, Les Bian
AA group leader:Welcome Les, whats your tipple?
by umpirestrikesback May 08, 2005
1. All Americans aka the 82nd Airborne Division, the most badass unit ever.
2. Airborne Alcoholics, nickname for the paratroopers in the 82nd due to being drunk all the time.
Joe: PVT Snuffy had a hangover on the Blackhawk jump today, he's a real badass.

Joe #2: That ain't shit. Spc. Hardcore was doing shots on the bird, he's the reason we're called the Airborne Alcoholics!

Joe: I thought the AA on our sleeve stood for All Americans!

Joe #2: Shut up you stupid cherry.
by poopmasterflex December 29, 2008
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