anal action. getting anal sex. having anal plesure. getting some ass
hey man i got some A.A. from her last night.
by dakota johnson April 04, 2008
An evaluation score in Dance Dance Revolution where the dancer has achieved a total of 95% or more of the total Dance Score of a song. Usually used as a verb when telling someone of the accomplishment.
Dude, I just AA'd PARANOiA Survivir MAX Ohi!
by asdasdasdasdasd May 19, 2005
Abbreviation for American Airlines.
"We're booked on AA 114 which goes from Los Angeles to Newark."
by cryingshame February 23, 2006
1. Used in online games by retards to describe someone whom they think is cheating, or "auto-aiming", as with an automatic aiming bot.
"j00 ch33tz0rz! f00kin aa!! AA!!1"
by L0j1k April 16, 2005
AA- abbreviation for Asian Avenue which is an online journal network
do you have an AA page?
meaning- do do you have an AsianAvenue page?
by Beckka March 27, 2005
Place where people who fuck their lives up, in part because they drink to much, go to learn from people, they would otherwise hate, how to not be the piece of shit at the center of the universe.
New in AA:
"Hi, I'm not sure I'm an alcoholic, but I have to come here because the judge threatend to send me to jail if I got another DUI. I think I can control my drinking if my girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, parent would just leave me the fuck alone and do things the way I want.
by Miguelito March 14, 2005
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