Place where people who fuck their lives up, in part because they drink to much, go to learn from people, they would otherwise hate, how to not be the piece of shit at the center of the universe.
New in AA:
"Hi, I'm not sure I'm an alcoholic, but I have to come here because the judge threatend to send me to jail if I got another DUI. I think I can control my drinking if my girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, parent would just leave me the fuck alone and do things the way I want.
by Miguelito March 14, 2005
(Noun) A specific type of terrain formation found in hawaii. The Word itself is from the hawaiian language, because they are crazy enough to have a word compose of only two vowels.
LOOK! An aa! (yea thats a pretty lame example)
by Cowicula January 17, 2005
the meetings the psych hospital makes you go to regardless of whether you have a problem or not
The guy who runs the AA program here sucks.
by agnostic carebear May 29, 2005
Abbreviation for Alcoholics anonymous and what is known as AAA (triple A) in the Americas.

Also stands for Automobile Assosciation, a company that performs roadside repairs on cars, reviews on hotels and restaraunts.
"The car has broken down, I am calling the AA"
by Stranger January 29, 2005
Attitude adjustment applied through the use of force or coercion. Can apply to people or mechanical objects.
"If you don't quit complaining and bitching all the time I'm gonna give you an AA."
by Caffeine Boy May 27, 2004
Abbreviation of "Assault Addicts", A popular Counter-Strike server that hosts only cs_assault style maps on its rotation.
Let's go play AA.
*logs on*
by Jackson P October 25, 2006
an abbreviation for Anti Aircraft gun or Anti Air
Player 1: Hey lets go shoot some planes in my brand new AA gun!
Player 2: Sweet ill go grab the AA shells.
by Sergio April 03, 2005

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