The best possible starting hand in the popular poker game Texas Hold 'Em. Represents a pair of aces.
Ivey flips over QQ but Harman has him covered preflop with AA.
by RageFire December 08, 2007
AA, in relation to TV ratings, stands for "Average Audience".

Average Audience is a statistic contained in TV ratings, particularly those from Nielsen TV ratings. It is a value meant to show the average amount of viewers for a particular show over a certain period of time, be it a month, a quarter of a year, etc.
According to Nielsen TV ratings, the AA of the show for the month of September was 0.6.
by cableguytk November 18, 2007

A term used in some online videogames for any anti-aircraft emplacement. This means a flak emplacement, SAM battery, or anti-air machine gun.
We can't hit with the bombers until you take out that AA!
by Elitist January 18, 2004
Alcoholics anonymous.
It's a place for boozers and drug users to go and try to get better.

The approach is all wrong. People go to AA to brag about their addiction and feel sorry for themselves. It's pathetic. I was addicted to heroin for a year and I stopped without the mind-numbing guilt reliever which is AA.

Don't go. It's a failed system.
Jane goes to AA because she wants somebody to tell her that what she did isn't her fault.
by convinced3546547546364 November 04, 2009
an asian chick super down with anal
not only was she my first asian, see was a AA
by quabtwabbler August 24, 2009
a.a is an abbreviation for the Islamic greeting or fairwell, "Asalamualaicam" or "Salaam"
Omar: Alright Ali, i have to go and pray now to my creator. Salam

Ali: a.a brother.
by 4rock July 10, 2008
The "AA"s are the Anglo Africans.
(The Anglo are English-speaking people of Anglo-Saxon-Celtic descent who are scattered accross the world.)

In Kenya and southern Africa, the Anglo have established a nice culture with strong allegiance to the Crown.

Somewhat similar to the Anglo Australia culture, they are fond of 'braais' (barbecues) and trekking in the Bush.

The number 1 storybook for AAs is Sir Percy Fitzpatrick's "Jock of the Bushveld", which describes his journey as a wagondriver with his dog Jock in the Bush.

Principally there are 5 branches of the AAs: the Kirklanders (Kenya), the Rhodesians (around the Zambezi river), the Natalians (South Africa's East Coast), the Albany (South Africa's South Coast) and the Aprilians (around Cape Town).
Prominent AAs have been Rhodes, Livingstone and Ian Smith.
by Ruks March 19, 2005

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