A massive, court mandated, religious organization. Used by the United States legal system to 'help' alcoholics, but really sentencing them to 12 steps of self-loathing and christian brain-washing.
"Bob got a D.U.I. and had to go to A A, now he's a sniveling douchebag."
by saiko October 11, 2005
a place you go where everyone will know your name.most often held in church basments,church school rooms,and sometimes old aa buildings.coffee in a staple to these rooms as are cookies.you will be greeted with many a handshake and warm wishes.the meeting starts and ends with a prayer and in the middle is either a speaker weaving some yarn about how aa savedhis/her life or a disscussion meeting where many a yarn is weaved.people say shit like i pray 10 times a day,i hit my knees and pray,one day at a time,think before you drink,god this and god that,higher power this higher power that,live and let live,and so on.AA is for alcoholics not to be confused with NA thats for junkies. also at AA many a aluminum chip is handed out for sobriety days.they go in 1 day then each month up to 1 year at which point they turn to brass and are given every year.the person with the most chips is usally some religion spewing asshole how knows everything about everything.after the meeting more handshaking and germ passing goes on.people give you their phone numbers to call them,so they can feel good about themselves like their fucking so mother fucking kind,you know their giving back to the program that helped them get their life back.that is about it you get the point.
I went to an A.A. meeting and left the with my higher power leading me on way to a new way of life,amen.plus i have a wonderful new silver 24hr token to help remind me to KEEP COMING BACK!
by CAR MECHANIC TV February 25, 2010
America's Army
First person shooter supported by the army...
A First person shooter.

Did you play AA last night man?
by earl babcock February 07, 2008
A place where alcoholics go to get sober. As there is much talk of "God" and a "Higher Power," A.A. is often mistaken as a religious program. However, it is NOT religious, but in fact a SPIRITUAL program. It consists of 12 steps and 12 traditions. The main text of A.A. is the book of Alcoholics Anonymous, often referred to as the "Big Book." A.A. is a fellowship of men and women who seek sobreity through spirituality VIA the 12 step program.
Sorry, Martha, I can't go to the bar tonight because I'm going to A.A. to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes instead of drinking Ol' Grandad and smoking a J.

Come on, Reginald! Let's go to an A.A. meeting so we can stay sober today!
by douknowythishorsesnameissandy? September 05, 2010
Short for American Airlines. Used soley by the company on their signs.
man: Where's the AA meeting?
chic: At the church.
man: Where's the American Airlines meeting?
chic: In the office.
by J-Diddy April 12, 2005
A ragged, clinkery form of lava (or in more proper Hawaiian spelling, ‘a‘a).
Aa is flowing from the volcanoe!
by rebecca van laer June 19, 2005
Anti and Aggro; A mood where you are anti any suggestion and aggravated by anyone/thing placed in front of you.
Stay away from Ben today. He's full-out A.A. His boss just denied his vacation request.
by dared December 22, 2008
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