Alcoholics Anonymous, a place where people go to do everything but consume alcohol. Usually run by insane born-again Christians; these smoke-filled rooms in churches all over the country consume more coffee per capita than any other group known to mankind.
Person 1: Hello, I'm ____ and I'm an alcoholic.

People: Hello, ____

Person 2: It's ok, here have a cigarette and some coffee and we'll discuss how poisoning our bodies is bad.
by bela214 February 08, 2005
size of a battery used in portable devices such as radios, music players, flashlights...usually a 1.5V (volt)in Alkaline or a 1.2V in rechargeable. Can be used alone, or in combination with other AA batteries as decided by the device manufacturer.
zeke:get a package of AA batteries for me at the store
zack: ya want 48 from Costco or 2 from 7-11??
by BB April 04, 2005
The bra size for women that don't need bras
-Look at the bee stings on her
-Yeah probably wears an A A
by JKage September 13, 2007
Approach Anxiety - Term used in the pick-up community, for the fear of approaching women.
"I went to the bar but opened no sets because of my AA problem"
by Ian Miller February 22, 2007
Type of lava (seriously)
Er... that's nice aa... er... burning my face off
by Thoms February 19, 2005
One of the most common acronyms around. Can stand for organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, American Airlines, the Automobile Association or the Anarchist Army. It also stands for a common type of battery.
I'm a member of the AA.
by Svelter July 18, 2006
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