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A sexual maneuver in which, after a man has engaged in sexual activity with a particularly fine specimen, he then proceeds to bolt outside and run a victory lap around the general area of the deed completely unclothed, all the while cheering and throwing his fists in the air.
After Greg finished up with Stacy, he decided to run a 4-mile victory lap around his entire college campus. It was quite the victory lap indeed.
by RageFire December 03, 2007
Same as the blockbuster swap, the blockbuster switch off is when one becomes tired of their old DVD or game due to scratches or cracks. The basic idea is to rent the same DVD or game and return the older copy in the case. When replaced with a disc different than the one intended to be kept, this becomes a cluster fuck.
I'm getting tired of my PS2 not reading this disc, Sal. I think we're gonna need to pull a blockbuster switch off.
by RageFire December 20, 2007
The best possible starting hand in the popular poker game Texas Hold 'Em. Represents a pair of aces.
Ivey flips over QQ but Harman has him covered preflop with AA.
by RageFire December 08, 2007

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