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The official insult of the game, Lineage 2. It's orgins come from the in game foul language filter, which, for some reason, filters 923.
923 you stupid sonnova 923!
by SpillZ March 12, 2004
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Great radio station, K-Rock. Better than crappy Z100.
Someone: Z100 is the best, let's listen to it.

Me: Are you kidding? Z100 sucks, 92.3 K-Rock owns.
by Chris December 18, 2004
The number that comes after 922 and before 924. The number that fills the gap; 922 | --- | 924, like so.
"If we wouldn't have had 923 we would've paid one more dollar per ever thousand dollars."
"I can count to 1,000 thanks to 923."
by phr3ak July 04, 2004

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