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The Porsche 924 was originally designed for Volkswagon. They contracted Porsche in the late 60's to develop the 924, but were forced to cancel due to financial reasons. Porsche ended up buying the rights and the 924 was produced by Porsche AG of Germany from 1976 to 1988. 944S2 variants were produced until 1991 and the 968 varant was produced from 92-95.

The 924 was a two door, 2+2 seat sports car coupe. The 924 replaced the 914 as the company's entry level model, and was the model that finally retired the 912. It was the first Porsche model to be put into production powered by a water-cooled, front mounted engine, although the similarly configured 928 was designed before the 924. The front engine, rear drive arrangement was normal for most other manufacturers, but it was unusual for Porsche, who had previously only used mid or rear mounted engines of a boxer configuration, all of which had been air cooled. The 924 was a success, and not only helped to take Porsche out of financial ruin, it created the revenue stream needed to continue building and developing the 911. The 924 was replaced by the 944, but the two were produced together for some time.

Audi and Volkswagen parts can be found all over the car, showing that they were somewhat "cobbled" together with off-the-shelf technology. Probably an indicator of Porsche's instability at the time.
Guy_1: How do you like my Porsche?

Guy_2: What Porsche?
by Earl Buttle July 14, 2005
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code for a gay person with dyslexia.
"Bruce has dyslexia"
"How do you know that he has dyslexia?
"He told me that he knew he was 924 since he was eleven"
by Deborah Lee July 18, 2006
A Porsche made in the mid-to-late 80's that was essentially a 944 in a 924's clothing. Powered by a 944's 2.5 liter engine. Actually quicker than a standard 944 due to it's lighter weight and less aerodynamic drag. Much quicker than the original 924, which was conceived in the 70's, yet easily confused with one as they use the same body.
Steve owns a 924S, not a 924...
by Ed Schonds April 24, 2007
(n.) A Volkswagen with porsche badges. 124mph top speed, late 70's to early 90's (Or was it late 80's?) production. Spawned the 928 and the 944, which are superior.
The wife of the guy next door owned a 924 many years ago.
by Buenaventura Durruti May 07, 2004
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