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The first three digits of a 7-digit telephone number used in the Twin Cities (Uhrichsville-Dennison). Also used as a moniker for anyone living in the area. Normally called a 922er.
In trouble dial 911, want trouble dial 922.
by arcanezero May 08, 2010
When you have to poop and it's an emergency. 911 (emergency) #2 (poop)
Hey, can you fill in for me? I've got a 922 brewing!
by Rani115 August 29, 2015
When you are struggling to hold in a poo and it has reached emergency status. A 911 for your #2. See also emergenturd
Darren - I had chili for lunch. I've got a 922 on its way.

Brent - Do you have a turtlehead?
by Rani115 October 04, 2015
922 is the numbers you press on a mobile phone with dictionary on, to get WAA.
stop having a 922 bitch!
by suchislife February 05, 2010
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