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The official insult of the game, Lineage 2. It's orgins come from the in game foul language filter, which, for some reason, filters 923.
923 you stupid sonnova 923!
by SpillZ March 12, 2004
To get your class NERFED, or otherwise degraded, in similar fashion to Warlocks in World of Warcraft.
Goddamn Jim, I hope Rogues don't get Warlock'd!
by SpillZ April 23, 2005
Someone, typically female, who might instigate a bout of self gratification, ie: wanking.
Wow, your mom is TOTALLY wankbait, have a kleenex?
by SpillZ March 12, 2004
To get owned, but by an especially wench like, or lame, person.
Damn, that nub wench'd me.
by SpillZ March 12, 2004
Someone who happens to be particulary exuberient in nubbishness, one who is a nub to extreme proportions.
Gah, FF is ON, nubbenheimer!
by SpillZ March 12, 2004
adj. root:nub
to be of the extreme nub persuasion; very much like a nub

syn:nubbish, noobish, n00bish
Oh, dude, that was an utterly nubbly shot.
by SpillZ March 12, 2004
As in, to get ownz0red, or to get dominated in a game or event.
w00t, you totally got z0red that last round.
by SpillZ March 12, 2004

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