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4 definitions by phr3ak

A "1337" spelling of 'phreak' or freak where to as ph is pronounced f and 3 is an e. A nerdier version of phreak, which in turn is a nerdier version of freak. God bless the late 90s and the internet, eh?

See also phreak.
eye 4m t3h phr3ak!!!1
j00 is t3h phr3ak!!1
h3 ar3 teh phr3ak
ph33r t3h phr3ak
by phr3ak July 04, 2004
'Meh' is Swedish slang for 'men' which translates to -but-
When said quickly 'men' becomes 'meh' and sounds nothing like 'meow'. It's hard, sudden and used in frustration. MEH!
"meh! that's not right." or most commonly just plain "MEH!"
by phr3ak July 04, 2004
The reversed MUD (Multi User Dungeon)term No RP. When people figured this out they felt real witty and went about it like mad.
"This sector is PRoN."
"PRoN is great."
"Pron is un-great."
"teh pron is teh shit."
by phr3ak July 04, 2004
The number that comes after 922 and before 924. The number that fills the gap; 922 | --- | 924, like so.
"If we wouldn't have had 923 we would've paid one more dollar per ever thousand dollars."
"I can count to 1,000 thanks to 923."
by phr3ak July 04, 2004