Origin is uncertain, but the theory with the most logic behind it is that "86" began as rhyming slang code of the sort found in London's Cockney underworld of the 19th century. As "trouble and strife" meant "wife" in rhyming slang, "86" may have stood for "nix" -- "nix" meaning "nothing", "get rid of" or "to dismiss."
I need a burger with cheese... 86 the "mayo".


I want you to ice him and 86 the body.
by Ronnie February 25, 2004
RU-486, the chemical abortion pill.
Are you for 86?
by piratenews June 04, 2010
Control agent who dated and married 99. Bumbling idiot who foiled K.A.O.S. plots through idiocy, dumb luck, and tomfoolery.
"it's the old wacky definition of misunderstood word to piss people off trick."
by waltermitty February 23, 2005
To be kicked out, usually refering to getting kicked out of a bar by a bouncer.
Aight buddy, you've been 86-ed.
by Rob February 15, 2005
To cease an activity.
86 your bullshit.
by cakenflies October 08, 2003
A bar/restaurant slang used to describe the end of something or as an action to get rid of something. Can also be used in reference to "offing" or killing someone...which is where (slightly) its origin comes from...

It's origin comes from when they would dig grave sites 8 feet long and 6 feet deep. When a person died, they would be "86-ed".
"86 the mahi mahi"

"86 that drunken moron"

"That's it, pal, you don't shut up and you'll be 86-ed"
by ashamalee February 28, 2005
To kill, end, or otherwise cease service of.
Origin: In the soup kitchens and breadlines of the Great Depression, the standard cauldron would hold 85 cups of soup. Thus, the eighty-sixth person in line was SOL.
We had to 86 the Blowjob Shots when the Kahlua ran out.
by Nick Beemer July 13, 2004

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