A voicemail. When one leaves a voicemail on another's phone, or 'twig,' it is called an '86.'
"Brosef, send me a straight 86 when you're at the party"
by J Wall May 03, 2007
Something greater than that of the 85 clan.
For example: JT is 86 times cooler than those 85 girls.
by JT$$$$$$$$$$$$$ February 25, 2008
Horrorcore/WickedShit/AcidRap band that consists of CannonballJ and KillaK. They have extremely violent lyrics and are signed with RapNRoll Records. Information found at myspace.com/86swj
86 Killaz kick da anthem like this! Juggalos up in dis bitch! Up in dis bitch!
by AnonymousCookies February 03, 2008
crip gang or gang that wears blue an dosent like bloods
"86 nation cuz bk all day"
by 5465dfg June 11, 2007
The term stems from prohibition. When the bar tender ran out of hard alcohol, they would use a boot legged alcohol (generally grain alcohol) and cut it with a certain amount of water. The result was an alcohol that was very close to 80 proof... 86. The slang term came to be used when the bar ran out of alcohol they would call for the "86". Over the years the term has evolved to refer to running out of something. Although there are many theories about ladies drinks and Empire state buildings, this is historical slang term has been documented.
86 the chicken dish.
Johnny has been 86'd.
by Christopher Olobri November 06, 2005
to kill someone
86 the mofo
by Warren November 14, 2003
The term "86" come from the year 1886 and it means "there is no more..."

In 1886, the US Gold Rush had come to a halt for the common man, or commonly know at "the 49's". By the early 1860s, a single miner could no longer work his claim alone.

Corporation and conglomerates had taken over. Extracting gold via hydraulic mining and destroying the landscape and riverbeds of Northern California.
by Mike Shannon July 03, 2003

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