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A large iron pot.
It is used for boiling food inside.
It is often used in fiction by Cannibals and Witches.
The witch had a cauldron.
by Liam Robinson January 24, 2008
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To suddenly vomit into a significant others vagina while seemingly performing typical cunnilingus. The end result should resemble that of a cauldron, as seen in fairytales with witches.
The Cauldron, for when you want to spice up your love life.
by MastaJay June 04, 2010
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The term used for when a bong is in use with 2 or more people when one person's turn to suck it up they drop their trousers and insert the chimney of the bong into their anal passage and suck the smoke up they then eject the bong and the second person puts their lips around person 1's rim in which person 1 farts the contents of the bong and also of their bum into person 2's mouth, as they inhale they precede to get high from the weed, fart and other contents from person 1's bum
Person 1 - Dude i cauldroned off my girlfriend last night she added her own remedy of her shit

Person 2 - Dude, shes mad.
by peddykins February 14, 2011
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The act of three or more people using the same toilet from a week or more and never flushing down ones excretions during that time period.
Pooping, urination, vomit, dead aquatic fishes would be things to add to the cauldron
by FistingFireCracker July 18, 2011
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when someone appears to be pregnant due to food consumption and makes a sound like when you put a new 5 gallon bottle on the arrowhead dispenser
My cauldron is rapiddly expanding and I may blow at any time.

I ate at wahoos and now i am a cauldron.
by cauldron hater May 11, 2006
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a 1-gallon insulated thermos jug used for an alcoholic beverage. Usually involving 3 parts alcohol, 1 part of your favorite beverage!
"Hey man. Were heading to the beach today. Lets bring our Cauldron's!"
- A bottle of SOHO topped off with some Mountain Dew!
by concoction123 January 18, 2013
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a female's bosoms!!! ... breasts

Syn: jugs, tits, knockers, chi-chis, honkers, melons, bazongas, tetas, etc.
Beavis: Damn!!! Check out her rack!

Butthead: I've never seen such gigantic cauldrons!
by Lisette April 05, 2005
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