a number assigned to the action of having been removed and likely permanantly forbidden from a premise

this happens to you in a casino if you're caught counting cards
bill was counting cards at harrahs and his ass was 86'd
by nongambler February 20, 2006
1. to despose of something

2. to remove someone from a building
They have officially 86ed that plan.
by The Return Of Light Joker October 29, 2007
To get rid of something.

The term came into popular use among soldiers and veterans to describe missing soldiers as 86'd. Rather than describe buddies missing in action, it was slang to describe the MIA as violating UCMJ Sub Chapter X Article 86.
"We need to 86 that steak pronto!"
by B. Reddick June 19, 2007
86 refers to a bar in new york, probably in manhattan though some say the bronx, that had a fire department inspection sign prohibiting more than 85 persons from occupying the bar at the same time, based on square footage. whenever a customer acted up, the bartender, would declare, "that's it, you're 86, get out or be thrown out". a few bars whose occupancy number was 85 have claimed to be the original
but proof is lacking for any particular place.
86 banned, barred, thrown out
by the old bronx bartender October 01, 2011
86 - to be cast away, kicked out, got rid of etc etc
Used by Green Day in a song after they were 'kicked out' of the punk scene in their home area, after gaining major label success.
''Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day are 86'd from GilmanST in East Bay and cannot ever return to it''
by Anon456 September 11, 2006
to run out of or terminate.
The true origin of the word comes from U.S. Army cooks from the late 1800s early 1900s.If the soup or the stew was prepared to proper recipe, the cook would get 86 ladle fulls from the batch. When it was finished he would pronounce " The stew has been 86'd."
the soup has been 86'd
by Midniterambler November 06, 2008
According to "Unwrapped" (Food Network) the term 86ed spawned from the restaurant Delmonico's constantly selling out of the 86th item on the menu, the Delmonico Steak.

Numerous other entries have referenced a speakeasy in NYC, only problem is Delmonico's has been in business since 1837. Far before prohibition.
She ordered the Steak but we're 86'd.
by Creamer123456 July 01, 2009

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