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To claim majority ownership of a "group" thought or joke.
I.E. When during the course of a night several people evolve a funny phrase or thought one individual will yell out "I claim 51%". Thereby they are the majority owner of this new and original thought.

In certain cases, people who had very little to do with joke may claim, or even beg for the 51%...These people are know as a joke lamprey and should be labeled as a 1% (“one percenter”) for that is how much they actually contributed to this new thought.
"If those idiots wanted to be rescued why didnt they just light the tire?"...."I call 51%"
by Salmonhq February 13, 2008
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Having a simple majority, which is all you need to have the ultimate decision.
I don't care what he/she said; I have 51%, so do it
by CritiCAL74 June 12, 2008
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