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Having a simple majority, which is all you need to have the ultimate decision.
I don't care what he/she said; I have 51%, so do it
by CritiCAL74 June 12, 2008
1. A male that has female tendencies that goes beyond metrosexuality. (aka thumbalina or fairy)
2. A homosexual male that has yet to come out of the closet or is not fully aware that he’s gay.
3. When you think about your past, there was always one boy that did everything that the girls did; he was good at hop scotch, double dutch, helped play with barbies, better dresser (probably had those jelly shoes), helped them with their hair and make-up, definitely the best dressed, etc.
That sissy boy, Michael aka Michelle is acting like a Tom Girl.
by CritiCAL74 June 12, 2008

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