1. term used when danger is near

2. when fit people are in the vicinity
1. 5.0, the pigs are coming!

2. 5.0 he is bufff
by PEMILY January 19, 2008
Nothin to do with the 70's show... stems from the fact that the majority of Police Departments...specifically LAPD used 5.0 litre patrol vehicles. Now more and more commonly used in East and South London.

Five Oh ... Feds ... Po Po
"Shit 5.0!! Lose the gear!"

Pronounced FIVE OH
by JC15SQN September 11, 2008
50 means undercover cops NOT juss regular cops. the number 5 stands for the ranking in the law enforcement division where 1s and 2s are security gaurds or meter men while the higher numbers like 7, 8, 9, 10 are the judges, detectives, invesigators, marshalls, sheriffs etc. this would place cops at a 5 in the law enforcement division, and the 0 means undercover which means there is "zero" (0) difference as far as appearance and acting style between that undercover cop and a regular person.
- think to the song deep cover by dre and snoop, snoop says i think you 50? if he saw a cop he wouldnt say i think he would say theres a cop.
- a 50 is deff a government employee
by v unit March 10, 2008
Labatt 50. Canadian beer known for its distinct flavour and brutal hangover. Particularly popular in small towns.
Buy me a 50 eh? I'll pay you back.
by cam April 12, 2005
1. officer of the law, usually used in a bad sense.
2. slow ass piece of shit ford from the late 80's early 90's that 16 year olds roll around in and think they are the shit. also pronounced five point slow.
oh shit, i think that 5 0 is on to us.

damn i just smoked that 5.0
also - damn i just smoked that five point slow.
by xkiz August 27, 2003
In Australia, a $50 bag of weed and to a lesser extent, other drugs.
"Can I get a fifty?"
by Diego July 26, 2003
Bay area slang for a 5.0 mustang
Yo that nigga wrapped his 50 around the pole.
by Shaun January 25, 2004

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