Bay area slang for a 5.0 mustang
Yo that nigga wrapped his 50 around the pole.
by Shaun January 25, 2004
FIDDY in australia a $50 bag of weed is pronounced fiddy
i need to score a fiddy for the boys
by MaF July 27, 2003
Word that describes a 50cc minibike for adult or kids also called a Fast50 or Fast50s bike
hey I was going to get a honda fifty to play ride aorund my house, but I went to the local dealership and got a Fast50s bike because it's adult tested and kid approved!!
by jb April 14, 2005
What you will make on your next assignment.
Teacher: You got a 50...Charles, I will have to talk your mom about this.
by Jabex January 27, 2008
The number between forty-nine and fifty-one.
fifty plus fifty equals one hundred.
by Arrana April 14, 2005
5.0 liter Mustang. (302 CI)
My 5-0 could beat yo 1.8 liter Honduhz' azz!
by Bitchin Kitchen May 18, 2003
a slang for smoking a blunt
john: yo dude lets get high
ralph: yeah lets smoke a 50
by what it dew December 21, 2006

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