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Undercover policewoman dressed as a prostitute. From ho short form of whore, and 5-0 slang for police.
Girl walking up to car: Hey big boy, you want a good time?
Guy in car: Mos definitely, how much green you askin? I got a fitty right here girl...
Girl: Yeah? Well tonight's not your lucky night buster'cos I'm a cop and you're under arrest.
Guy: Damn ho 5-0!
#ho #whore #police #undercover #policewoman #kerb crawling #sex
by PappyDW August 12, 2007
Combination of Albus Dumbledore the character from the Harry Potter books and the word "dork". Used to describe an individual with an unhealthy knowledge of the works of JK Rowling.
Gosh Ralph, I cannot wait to get the final Harry Potter book!

Dude, Harry Potter is gay.

Far from it friend! Cho Chang becomes Harry's girlfriend in Order of the Phoenix, and he develops feelings for Ginny Weasley in the Half-Blood Prince, so not gay at all!

#dork #harry potter #dumbledork #dumbledore #potter #dorky
by PappyDW June 06, 2007
Someone who attends awards ceremony parties with the sole intention of sleeping with famous people.
Why you dressin' so slutty Marisa?
It's Golden Globes night and I gonna get me some action!
You crazy gong banger.
#gongs #gong #sex #famous #celebrity #banger #bang #gang banger #awards #oscars
by PappyDW August 12, 2007
Combination of "camp" and "companion" meaning a gay friend. Usually a male who hangs around with a heterosexual female. An essential accessory since the success of Will & Grace.
"Holy shit Francine who's the new man ? You two are such a sweet couple."

"We are soo not a couple! Can't you tell Justin's totally gay?! Just look at how coordinated his outfit is."

"Ah my bad, campanions are dope."
#camp #gay #friend #gay friend #companion #homosexual
by PappyDW June 10, 2007
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