Being half of 100, not loyal or trusting
Drew: aye I heard yo girl fucked another dude.

Daniel: yeah son, she so 50 for that.
by DmvSlang May 12, 2014
When you are fucking a girl, preferably from behind, and then you yell "oh shit, the cops" and then your friends come in and beat the shit out of her as you finish with your hands.
Person 1: I gave my bitch the 5-0 yesterday
Person 2: Oh shit, why wasn't I there
Person 1: I already had like 20 guys sorry bro
Person 2: It's fine brah
by Paenus the Roman Warrior February 20, 2014
Can mean 2 things in the Bay Area: one, can signify cops, police etc. two: can signify the 1984 to 1991 ford mustang 5.0 nicknamed 50 (fifty) mostly used as a sideshow car or a cheap getaway car when pulling licks.
Example one: Shit we got 50 following us!!
Example two: That nigga big murf's 50 go dumb at the sideshows whaa!!!
by BayBosses707 September 04, 2008
Slang for Police. This term originated in the Bronx circa 1980 where the local police station was/is the 50th precinct.
Yo, 5-0, keep'im low.
by tigerturnedlion May 07, 2011
its wat street racers frm america call the police
guy#1:oh shit!!!!!!!!!
guy#1:its da 5-0!!!!
by MattyD900 March 04, 2008
policecops, they don't like you
"Shit nigga, its da' 5-0's!"
by Kevin Garrison August 17, 2003
A term the famous rapper "50 Cent" derived his name from to indicate his real crew "the police" not "G-Unit"
That nigga 5-0 is a snitch
by Speakerboxxx August 08, 2005

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