it aint 50 cent.... iz da motha fucken copz so if u a negroe or white tryna act black u best get da fuck outa dodgerz n' head to bluecross county were u noe somebody
copz,police,nigga hataz,popo,5-0
by Nelaia October 20, 2007
A term the famous rapper "50 Cent" derived his name from to indicate his real crew "the police" not "G-Unit"
That nigga 5-0 is a snitch
by Speakerboxxx August 08, 2005
pig, cop, bacon, cock sucker
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
This is mid-grade weed that usually sells for upward to $50 for 7 grams, hence the name 50. It usually provides a much heavier and cleaner high than schwag, with very few seeds per bag.
"That's some hard hitter... Is that some chron?"

"Nah nigga, this is some good ass 50."
by IIG September 18, 2008
A heads up offered by a look out that an invidual not down with, adapted to acceptance of, or directly invovled with the groups illegal activity, such as the buying or selling of illegal drugs, is approaching. The invidual is a stranger and without right or reason to be there, even if the place is public, as it is gang territory.

5 0 call is offered without regard to whether the stranger is or is not a member of law enforcement; it is determined soley on trust i.e. whether that person is cool in the cultural sense, not the popular sense.
Example 1: A citizen walks through an area of illegal activity where they don't live or are not know.
The look out yells, "5 0 fool."
by Fred Flinkerstone July 10, 2008
1. as most people know it, a nickname for cops
2. as everyone in my town and nerby know it, to save your seat it means for five minuts but evyone repsects it enough for it to be a much longer time but some kids are annoying and take it after five minutes

1. oh shit guys the 5-0's coming hide the pot
2. 5-0 said jack as he left his chair to go get a drink
by sudsy101311 August 30, 2006
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