A or a group of police, federal agents, security guards.
"Dude 5-0 take off."
by Nythin July 04, 2009
the cops, the pigs, the oinkers, the police, the stupid mother-fuckers that always spoil the fun and think they can run the show cuz they have the power to fuck with people
o shit the 5-0 .... a cop is near so play it cool
by d-bizzle November 15, 2004
A bag of heroin. Cost- $50.00
Damn nigga, you shot dat whole 50?
by ac degrees November 08, 2004
cops, skateboardling grind where only the back truck grinds and the front is in the air
Dude, I was trying a 5-0 on that ledge but the 5-0 came and kicked us out
by chris March 17, 2003
a pig A.K.A the police
shit 5-0 just rolled up.
by robinson April 13, 2004
The police,also known as popo,pig,piglet.Deprived from the TV shoe hawaii 5-0,also from the engine of the patrol car.
Yo,5-0 is comin to block!!
by Chronik717 December 10, 2003
The police. People on the street call out 5-0 to alert the presence of the police.
Yo I saw 5-0 pulling up on the spot yesterday.
by jknHassan December 02, 2014
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