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the police
shit, its the 5 0
by God#28 April 08, 2004
leaving a place quickly
the cops are here so are we jettin?
by God#28 April 08, 2004
a huge piece of shit that stinks the whole street out
someone's laid some gniggy
by God#28 April 08, 2004
a koon who lives in crenshaw, chadd. Playing in the NBa soon for the orlando magic. Also, once took out 10 guys in a parking lot by himself, he is a hard bastardo, with a gigantic cock
marhaba Spud
by God#28 April 13, 2004
Guy from Baltimre who Pimp shit upp, with his huge cock and extremeely good looks
Your fucking right doggy
by God#28 August 05, 2004
a fine lady that gets a dude hard straight away
dude, check that bird, where the fucks the toilet
by God#28 April 12, 2004
absolute fucked up wanker, usually very soft
fuck off you toff
by God#28 April 13, 2004

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