A legendary sandwich from the secret menu of the great In-N-Out Burger chain. 4 all-beef patties, 4 slices of cheese.

Bonus: Don't forget to try "Animal Style"
I just at a whole 4x4!
by Mr. X August 01, 2005
Large child killing petrol wasting vehicle purchased by the lowest form of pondlife on the road - usually middle class bimbo women who have morbidly obese children raised on a diet of McDonalds and ice cream and are unable to walk 100 meters to school.
Males who buy 4x4s foster a mistaken belief that they not only own the roads but the motor vehicle they drive adds some enhancement to their sorely lacking personality.
Probably Daily Mail readers
To quote Londons mayor Red Ken - anyone who drives a 4x4 in london is a 'complete idiot'- i think cunt is the word he was looking for
by Seamusul July 18, 2005
A small but large penis. What the penis lacks in length, makes up for in girth. A penis that is 4 inches long and 4 inches wide. It should be able to satisfy most women.
Oh my gosh Monique, the guy I slept with last night had a 4X4 in his pants!
by BiggMexW March 25, 2011
A competition in which teams of four jointly try to finish an 1/8 of marijuana, a 30 pack of beer, a large pizza, and then put together a 250 piece puzzle.
Hey brah do you want to get fucked up tonight and challenge out friends to a 4x4?
by sickysicky gnar gnar surfer November 06, 2009
Someone who has lots of drive to get something done. Equivalent to a human SUV.
He's on his third film project this year. That guy is 4 x 4.
by J Fieth February 23, 2008
four meters by four minutes
by ? July 31, 2003
jargon; a vehicle capable of four point propulsion by means of front and rear axle differentials. Power from the engine and transmission is directed fore and aft via a transfer case into differentials which turn the tires. Vehicles generally capable of traveling with little or no problem on most types of terrain. See also word Jeep
My 4x4 is built for rockcrawling.
by bull April 07, 2003

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