360 Waves- Hairstyle found on african american males!

Www.dreamteam360.net for examples of this hair style
by Twista February 17, 2005
Third World six point organization
Folk up bitChe$
by C_Note August 15, 2003
A game played where players attempt to jump and spin in a complete circle.
Man:(as he's throwing up) Dude never drink 2 twelve packs before you play 360...
by Aces_High December 21, 2006
to fuck a man and spin around on his dick completing a 360
I was fuckin' ol' boy so good that I did a 360 on his dick.
by cdub October 06, 2003
A 360 is when you do a " 69 " postion
" Hey babe, you ready for that 360 "
by GermanGrl May 06, 2007
To do a 360. When someone shits so hard that his shit touches all sides of the toilet bowl.
My stomach was so upset from my burrito last night that I did a 360.
by stefanrecouvreur August 21, 2014

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