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It is SUPPOSED to be used to treat moderate to severe anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and as an adjunctive treatment for anxiety associated with clinical depression. Like all the other entries for Xanax, talking about it is a deadly drug like heroin and meth. Thats only if you OD like a dumbshit cockstain. I take a bar at work and i feel fine and i am very hyper and it makes you not scared of nothing. You could come home with your house on fire and not even care. Until you sober up from it. It makes you not care and they should make it over the counter. I love them it's the greatest pill. You dont give a fuck about nothing. Hold on you don't give a fuck about giving a fuck.
Afraid of an airplane
Of a car swerving in the lane
Of a dark cloud too low
Or being swept away by the undertow
Of a building tumbling down
Of the train when it's underground
Of the icy mountain roads
We have to take to get to the show......

Take a Xanax!!!
#xanax #benzo #alprazolam #bars #tranq
by Stilts January 30, 2008
A vial of 3 hallucinogenic substances and 55% alcohol. 15% PCP, 25% melted down shrooms, and 5% of lsd. You drink the vial like it was a shot was whiskey and you will be on a trip of a lifetime.
Jordan laced Casey's shot of Jack Daniels with 360 and he is really tripping balls!
#lsd #shrooms #alcohol #360 #xbox #poontang #trip #panic
by Stilts February 15, 2008
A large trailer park in Arkansas. The population of around 2,005. It was originally just a trailer park but decided that it was so huge to just make it into a town.
Welcome to Haskell Arkansas: Nations Largest Trailer Park!!!
#trailer #trash #redneck #hick #haskell #arkansas
by Stilts February 11, 2008
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