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the circular space surrounding you; your personal space
You're too close! Get outa my 360!
by PKluber July 11, 2007
Peeing in a circle in a bathroom at a business... this should only be used when u receive bad service and should be done privately. aim and fire while rotating in a circle
you go into a pizza place on a quite night and end up waiting for 1hr for a reg pizza... to protest this my friends friend went into the bathroom, locked the door and peed on everything
-hold on, the service was so bad im going to go do a quick 360 in the bathroom
by me355 May 06, 2007
The whole package, the whole butt.
Man that bitch had a 360.
by Crack-attack February 19, 2009
A vial of 3 hallucinogenic substances and 55% alcohol. 15% PCP, 25% melted down shrooms, and 5% of lsd. You drink the vial like it was a shot was whiskey and you will be on a trip of a lifetime.
Jordan laced Casey's shot of Jack Daniels with 360 and he is really tripping balls!
by Stilts February 15, 2008
too spin 360 degrees. Generally used in skiing and snow boarding.
"Dude, I pulled a smooth 360 off that jump"
by Snips July 28, 2003
The state of a loo once a terribly bad shit has been excreted. The dirty water leaves a brown mark all the way around the rim of the toilet.
After her curry the night before, Sandra left a 360 in her parents en suite.
by Schwalvey August 08, 2010
commonly referred to on That 70's Show; when members of the cast would get in "the circle" for a smoke session (to get the full effect of a '360' the camera pans to each member sitting in "the circle", doing a 360 degree turn)
-hey dude, my roommate and i bought a dime sack, you and your girl want to join us for a 360?
by tangerine31287 May 31, 2007