The feeling that one gets when extremely high. The body rotates in a circle Even if you try to stop it, it just happens. When you are this high it goes on forever.
Dudeee. Your spinning right now.

Yaaaaa, it's the best feeling in the world.

What is it?

It's the 360 dudde.
by kiki90192 November 10, 2010
a panorama nude showing your entire body,all the way around, in one picture
"Damn girl you is fine, send me a 360 😉"
by swimmerchick11 February 01, 2015
used by escorts to describe services without limitation.
"services offered include 360!"
by Blonde420 March 25, 2014
Most defective video game console ever created.
Dude, my 360 died for the 3rd time...
by Michael Baal April 21, 2009
Describes anything that is good all the way around.
That new Ski by Donnely is totally 360.
That babe lying on the beach looks very 360.
by Mojo Maniac July 14, 2008
When a guy flips a woman over like a piledriver and the woman sucks the dick and the guy gets pussy
my girl and i were playin 360 last night
by E Wezzie April 19, 2008
An Australian MC who sold-out. Claiming to be better than Biggie Smalls and 2Pac, he performs shows to 12-16 year olds. Now that he has a large teenage fan-base, he regards himself as the King of Oz HipHop, when really he's produces dub-step with shit lyrics, and claims it's hiphop. Real heads hate the aggit, and teeny-boppers love him. The Wiggles threatened to kidnap his dog missus if he didn't stop selling out shows, stealing their child fan-base.
"you're a sell-out"
"i feel bad for people who like 360's page, and then abuse him on his statuses"
"get the f*ck off facebook and do your homework you shitc*nt, it's past your bed-time anyway"

F*CK 60. ADL is the home of OZ HIPHOP.
by teecee May 28, 2012

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