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The Realest Rapper Ever Who Started to Speak the Truth On The Mic. First of all, Biggie's gonna win hands down when you're talking flow -- strictly from a rhythmic standpoint. Biggie is a swinger -- he swings like a horn player over jazz. He's just spelling his name.

When people said Pac is the best rapper of all time, they don't mean he's just the best rapper -- they just mean what he had to say is most potent, most relevant, and that he is the better human being. Tupac pulled from Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, all of the good speakers.

Even Though You Was Just a CRACK FIEND, Mama
You always was a BLACK QUEEN, Mama

It's like pouring those words out because you MEAN it. Pac rhymed from the pit of his stomach.

Humpty-Hump and Slick Rick rhymed with their nasal palette.

NaS rhymed with the back of his throat.

Pac rhymed from the pit of his stomach. You know, he was just singing it -- singing it out so. If you’re listening to that, there weren't many rappers doing that.
2Pac (Tupac) "Makaveli - The Don Killuminati" Amaru Shakur Represents Boss for the Westside Thug Life Deathrow Outlawz.
#tupac #makaveli #amaru #shakur #don killuminati #killuminati #pac #westside #thuglife #thug life #deathrow #death row #outlawz #outlaws
by jensyao June 27, 2006
Chlorine in the pool robs your skin of the vitamin E and protective oil leaving your skin really dry and itchy....the other defintion should not co-exist with the same term.
Alex Miranda prevents swimmer's itch by putting vaseline on his epidermis.
#swim #itch #water #chlorine #dry #skin
by jensyao September 23, 2006
Tupac Shakur IS KNOWN for his rap music. He uses the media to speak toward the greater audience. Removing his poem and song lyrics is like removing his chance to speak and make a difference in the world. That is what we have to acknowledge and keep. Therefore, the addition of his lyrics is what he is trying to meaningfully say in a clever rhythmic way. One may hear his songs as good music, but inside, the music has a direct message of everyday struggles and lifestyles toward the audience. He may be not with us today, but he is still alive through his voice -- what he has spoken, what he has meant though literature from music. It only seems that the quotes are a lot; he has a lot of important messages to say!
How can you edit 2Pac without first listening to him? How can you edit the influential things he had said without actually learning the roots of where he has come from? They are the basis of editing a person's quotes. You have to be on the same level of 2Pac to understand what he had said and how he felt when he said it.

#tupac #pac #makaveli #shakur #amaru
by jensyao June 27, 2006
Tasmanian is an acronym for T.A.S.manian. T.A.S. stands for Tupac Amaru Shakur. Therefore, a Tasmanian is a person who is obsessed with 2Pac.
Tasmanians love 2Pac.
#tupac #amaru #shakur #2pac #pac
by jensyao August 18, 2006
Tasmania is an acronym for T.A.S.mania. T.A.S. stands for Tupac Amaru Shakur. Therefore, there is tasmania fro 2Pac.
I have Tasmania because 2Pac is my hero.
#2pac #pac #tupac #amaru #shakur
by jensyao August 18, 2006
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