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something everyone should just shut the fuck up about, and the mayans didnt even predict the end of the world they predicted we would enter a different dimension where we would all become smarter and become more advanced organisms theres always some apocalypse theory that everyone is freakin out over and when that time comes along and nothing happens, everyone feels stupid and yet the same thing happens again, and again, and again theres actually already a theory thats gonna rise to the surface after 2012 doesnt happen scientists have already stated that a meteor is on course to hit earth in 2036, which also wont happen because either the gas giants' gravity will throw it off in a different direction, the earth wont be in the same location it is, or it will burn up and break apart before it gets to us, and as soon as this doesnt happen theres gonna be a new apocalypse theory, so if you believe all this shit you should have your ass kicked, have fun being paranoid for your entire life dumbass.
guy1: dude it's almost 2012
guy2: shut the hell up, dumbass
by Bodukemoon1 March 25, 2011

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