The day everyone thinks the world is going to end....I don't, I think the world could possibly end in couple hundred or thousand more years probably after the human race dies out, but just think... What if they guy who wrote the calenders woke up one day a thought his life sucked so he stopped writing calenders or he died...
What If? Calender-Man (morning after he finished the 2012 calender): *wakes up* "Yeah.. my life sucks, maybe I'll switch to mathimatics"
by Alex Acronym August 04, 2008
supposedly, the end of the world (dec. 21 2012) also the best year ever. why? cuz everyone will party the SHIT out of 2012
(dec. 21 is my birthday)
X- yo, its 2012! AGGGGGHH!
Y- calm down lets just go get drunk all year
by dude-im-cool-43 July 08, 2010
When your phone won't turn on and all that shows up is a white or black screen.
Person 1: Dude! My phone totally just went 2012 on me!
by Jenna and Annie December 08, 2010
The year in which we become gods; when consciousness sends out it's last intention of creation (it's actually in October of 2011 but there will be a different reality by 2012). It's the year when we become complete conscious co-creators of our very realities and experiences.

It's important to know that The Mayan Calendar was never keeping track of time as we know it; it was a meter for the evolution of consciousness across the span of this galaxy, and an instrument to help entrain into intuition and move out of the mind/ego.

To anyone reading this, the only thing you have to know is: what you put the focus of your attention on, you become conscious of; and what you become conscious of, you will manifest on a very literal scale. Kind of like a constant dream state that you're completely conscious of and have full control over.

Be in ethics -- compassionate, forthright, caring, loving, honest -- and an ethical reality will manifest. Be in fear, anger, propitiation, worry, dishonesty, prejudice, and your manifested reality is going to be a direct reflection of these emotions (and there will also be a big chance that you parrish/die).

There's absolutely nothing to worry about or do. Quite the contrary, we're headed towards an ethical utopia, where the limitations of the mind disappear, and time & space dissolve, leaving us with great freedom to do anything we want.

Worried stranger: The Mayan Calendar ends in 2012... we're all doomed!

Me: It's not about a particular date or event, it's about a period when our consciousness reaches it's full potential. Second of all, The newage Dreamspell Calendar is NOT The Mayan Calendar, and the world will NOT end... unless you want it to.
by Don Alenjandro Oxlaj March 17, 2009
A year that The World did Not End. jokes on those who thought the world was going to end, but the world had a world ending like moments. This Year is a HEll of a YEAR

Beginning:Death of whitney Hustn, travon martin incident has last for months. over used words like YOLO or SWAg

Middle: a Huge drought, a theather shooting in Colorado, Gay bashing is Dead/Being gay is cool. One direction became overrated.

End: Hurricane Sandy, Obama get Reelected, shooting in Conn,We survived 2012, 2012 is a Hell of a year
this year i seen it all, done it all. i saw alot of Wild shit happening this year. 2012 is a Hell of a year.
by Mminor December 26, 2012
A misleading term. Usually used when describing something that you know is true even though you know that the other person knows that you know that he/she knows that you are infact trying to pull a 2012 over him/her.
I totally pulled a 2012 over him yesterday.
Who is up for a 2012?
by SiNg0d May 17, 2010
something everyone should just shut the fuck up about, and the mayans didnt even predict the end of the world they predicted we would enter a different dimension where we would all become smarter and become more advanced organisms theres always some apocalypse theory that everyone is freakin out over and when that time comes along and nothing happens, everyone feels stupid and yet the same thing happens again, and again, and again theres actually already a theory thats gonna rise to the surface after 2012 doesnt happen scientists have already stated that a meteor is on course to hit earth in 2036, which also wont happen because either the gas giants' gravity will throw it off in a different direction, the earth wont be in the same location it is, or it will burn up and break apart before it gets to us, and as soon as this doesnt happen theres gonna be a new apocalypse theory, so if you believe all this shit you should have your ass kicked, have fun being paranoid for your entire life dumbass.
guy1: dude it's almost 2012
guy2: shut the hell up, dumbass
by Bodukemoon1 March 25, 2011

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