A commonly misunderstood theory.

The Mayans DID NOT predict the end of the world in 2012. That's urban legend and myths, mixed with Christian Apocalyptic themes. There was no evidence that the Mayans predicted the end of the world.

The Mayans loved to make calenders. One of their calenders was called the 'Great Cycle' or something similar, and it was supposed to last thousands upon thousands of years. 2012 is the estimated end of this calender. As of now we are in the 4th cycle.

The Mayans never thought anything drastic was going to happen in 2012. It would be like New Years to us - just a change in the calender.

The reason this theory is the end of the world is the Christian doomsayers began claiming that Armageddon was coming soon. However, they had no proof. When some of them discovered this Mayan 2012 theory, they twisted it so far than pop culture turned it into a phenomena - the end of the world. This is simply not true.
2012 is the year sophomores from 2009-2010 graduate.
by dannieyankeeisawesome November 06, 2009
A year just like any other. Nothing different will happen, the world will not end, and everyone who thought it was real will feel like an idiot.
2012 believer: The world will end in 2012
Rational person: Your an idiot.
by zach055 March 05, 2011
it is proven by numerous geniuses that this is all bs.
it has been made this rumor to scare people.
2012 will not only be a great year...but rendizzle will get dome from twins on december 21 of that year
no such thing as 2012
by harold retard seabon March 26, 2008
With the current climate of the world and all the ongoing problems -- economically, politically, heating of the sun & abnormal weather patterns, etc. -- it really does feel like something could happen by 2012 that will radically alter the course of that weird thing we call life. Time sure feels like it's speeding up, doesn't it?

It's not; creation is. More and more is happening in the world in less & less time, for the good & bad. In every aspect of our lives, change is happening at an accelerated pace, and it's going to continue to accelerate until everything possibly imaginable in creation will exist at the same time. So yeah, this leaves a realm of possibility open for more things to occur -- there could be a global cataclysmic-type event that wipes out 1/3 of the population, but there could also be some grand technological miracle/discovery that propels humanity into uncharted areas of novel & science.

The biggest misconception among people today (namely, archeologists and science-types whose consciousnesses are centered around physical, material evidence -- what they can see & measure only) is that the Mayan Calendar was keeping track of time the same way most modern day calendars keep track of time -- cycles of visible planetary objects in the sky around other planetary objects/ earth around the sun, etc.

The Mayan Calendar was actually a meter, or a gauge for the evolution of consciousness across the span of this galaxy. The reason the calendar abruptly "stops" on 12/21/12 is not because of some final doomsday event we're all going to watch unfold; it's because the schedule of creation will have completed. If a technology like a time machine (mind you, we've already teleported electrons) comes to exist by that year, what time will it really be? What need will there be for a calendar if the limitations of time & space dissolve? The truth is that the calendar "ends" because time as we know will no longer be linear, and so there won't be a need for a calendar. Now, that might seem hard to swallow at first, but keep in mind that there's a 17 mile long particle accelerator (lhc) under Switzerland that's set to recreate the conditions right after The Big Bang. Not so crazy now, huh?

This is what's really going to happen if your eyes are open enough for you to see. To whoever is reading this; these next few short years are the most important years in the 16.4 billion year long history of the universe. You should be very, very, very thankful to be alive at this period in time, because what's coming is bliss!
Paranoid stranger: The world's going to end in 2012 and we're all going to die!

Me: Smoke some sheeba and celebrate the moment. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
by Dr. Carl Johann Calleman April 19, 2009
A date that which a bunch of naked guys who ran through the jungles thousands of years ago had as the end date for their calendar
Guy 1: Omg It's the end of the world... The Mayans said it would happen on 2012 and they are so intelligent!

Guy 2: Dude. Watch Apocalypto and reconsider
by Askelo July 08, 2009
The biggest bullshit apocolypse theory since y2k and 6/6/06. The fuckin indians who wrote the damn calander couldve all died and none were left to finish it, I mean they've been writing that for like i dont know how many years. Also ive heard that the calander actually ends in november of the 4000's, so we all know thats like 2000 years so we wont be alive then anyway! I just saw a commercial about the fuckin military and shit tryna help us survive, thats why I wrote this.
I cant wait for 2013!!!!! hahahahaha!! fuck 2012 crackpot theory bullshit.
by fuck 2012 that bullshit August 25, 2009
Some old bullshit lets look at the facts...
1.About the mayan calender? The mayans died out how the fuck would they be able to finish it, And look at this from USA today: Astronomers generally agree that “it would be impossible the Maya themselves would have known that” says Susan Milbrath, a Maya archaeoastronomer and a curator at the Florida Museum of Natural History. What’s more, she says, “we have no record or knowledge that they would think the world would come to an end at that point.”

2.Nostrodamus? People mix his words up to make him sound accurate, and take a look at this http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/45/was-nostradamus-really-able-to-predict-the-future

3.Planet X polar shift? WTF this is stupid Nass says that it takes like 5,000 years for that to complete

4.The bible? No one pays attention to the many fake predictions of the bible like this one time in 2003 I was watching Unsolved Mysteries and it was talking about the bible and how it said in 2005/2006 there would be a war on U.S.A land

All info except the bible one from this site: http://www.dailycommonsense.com/2012-explained-why-it-shouldnt-be-feared/
Idiots: Oh noez teh wurld is gun end in 2012
Me: Shut the fuck up you fucking retards do some research
by Sporelover8 September 20, 2008

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