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The awkward turtle.
Person 1: I saw this really fat person in the co-op today!
Person 2: Hey, that's my mum!
Person 1: Oh (tu)
#the #awkward #turtle #abbreviation #tu
by Plumley Massive January 12, 2011
Typing shortcut for a turtle emoticon on MSN Messenger. So if you type (tu) in the box and press enter, a small picture of a turtle will appear. I think it only works on version 6 or higher though.
(On an MSN convo)
Harry: What's your fave animal?
Elaine: A turtle!
Harry: What do they look like then?
Elaine: (tu)
#msn #messenger #msn messenger #turtle #reptile #shell #emoticon #smiley
by Zelda199 March 22, 2007
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