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an emoticon which can either indicate yelling, screaming, general pissiness or anger.
omg i know!! >:O
by tookewl December 27, 2003
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Emoticon meaning an angry and surprised face or an angry and screaming face
WTF did you just do?!?!? >:O
by Oraxer October 01, 2005
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Pronounced "greater than-colon-oh". Is not only an emoticon, but an entire language. The >:o language is known for its liberal use of suffixes, often with an apostrophe('), and frequent refernce to internet memes. If used incorrectly among the more refined speakers of >:o it may illicit liberal amounts of flames and the emoticon ">:o", along with cursing. Often uses the @ character as a grammar construct.
"I know the speakery of >:o is common in these parts."

Poseur: Guys I speak'd the >:o in you're mom!
Legit1: O RLY @ >:o use by one as yourself.
Legit2: Hahah. YOU FAIL @ >:o'ery.

Poseur: Don't you guys think the people on /b/ are idiots?
Legit1: Rongur, /b/tards kick ass.
Poseur: O RLY?
Legit1: O YS, amirite?
Legit2: Riteur, Legit1, and I lol'd @ how made of fail and stupid you are, Poseur.
by why halo thar July 18, 2006
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emoticon indicating an angry blow job face. used in internet messaging to indicate anger, sexual desire, or happiness, depending on the user's sexual preference.
Numba1dicksuckah: I totally want to bone you
RofLKopTer7: >:O
by Numba1kuntpunchah September 29, 2005
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